I’m talking of course about the good ol’ grandpa S&M himself—Voldo. Watch him in all his spiky glory, thrusting his pelvis.

The eye spikes are a nice new addition to his costume. Someday Voldo is going to be just spikes. Namco calls him “eccentric” but “lewd” is probably more appropriate for this weird bald, hissing, gagged, pelvic-thrusting spider man thing. Hey don’t judge, if you were locked in a Hell’s Vault for that long you’d go crazy and deprived too.

Voldo will be joining the usual cast of the SoulCalibur series, renown for the more weapon-oriented approach to fighting than games like Street Fighter or Dead or Alive, along with some new interesting additions to the roster, including none other than a certain Witcher, which you can read up on via the link.

SoulCalibur VI is announced for October 19th for PS 4, XboxOne and, a first time for the series—PC. It’s gonna be great to finally play this game on my personal machine.