So Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is going to be the last entry on the AC list for a while, Ubisoft confirmed at GamesCom. The way they explained it, is that Origins and Odyssey are able to come out on the same year, because they were being worked on simultaneously by the developer, but currently no more AC games are being developed.

This is actually not a new thing for Ubi, First they took a year break after releasing the first game in the series, but that can be chalked up to them not knowing back then that this would have turned into a massive franchise. It then happened again in 2016 after Syndicate was released, a game for the most part considered mediocre in the franchise.

Of course this doesn’t mean no AC content, in 2016 we got that AC movie. You remember that? Yeah, that was a thing. On a more serious note, Ubi’s chief executive promised that Odyssey would receive a lot of content updates through the year, though what form that will take is up in the air as of now.