Loot chests, collection, gems, new player leveling system and more.

In June Heroes of the Storm will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary. A lot has changed since the original’s release, including new map, new heroes and a plethora of gameplay changes. More is to come and you can learn about the upcoming features in this developer commentary:

As you see, the player’s progression system will be overhauled with more meaningful levels being a cumulative sum of hero levels. What’s even more important, loot chests are coming to Heroes of the Storm. You’ll earn legendary skins and even heroes themselves.

To further customize your gameplay new modifiers will be added and that includes announcers, banners, sprays, emotes and voice lines. You’ll use Gems to buy all of these, but non-spenders can rely on loot chests here. The other currency added to the game are Shards used for cosmetic items only – you’ll get them from duplicates and chests.

Other changes include a Loadout system and a Collection screen. If you want to check those features out, you can download the beta version of Heroes of the Storm 2.0. New characters and another battleground will be introduced in the upcoming weeks. One of those is Cassia, a Diablo 2 heroine: