Of course there is! How could you think otherwise?

Thanks to brave NeoGAF and Reddit users there was some impressive data mining in the demo version of Resident Evil 7 for PC. A lot of plot details were mined, but we are not here to spoil you anything, don’t worry.

The interesting part is that data mining confirms that there are four parts of DLC pack coming for the game and we now know a bit about each of them. I’ll quote it:

DLC 1-1: A puzzle-focused gameplay chapter where it seems you answer riddles and other types of puzzles. Almost seems entirely puzzle focused.

DLC 1-2: A card game? Apparently some card game you can play either in a story mode way or an endless mode with some type of reward you get. Specifics not clear, but includes mechanics like bluff, and some sort of in-game droppable based on your performance.

DLC 1-3: Wave-Based Survival Mode. seems to have multiple stages, and 10 waves for each map.

DLC 1-4: A proper miniature story chapter with you in a place with Lucas it seems. Also seems to have three endings based on something you do in this chapter.

Topics on both sites are full of spoilers and you should stop here if you don’t want to lose all the fun. If otherwise, visit NeoGAF and Reddit.