This is a very pleasant surprise. After Kalypso took Commandos, one other tactical game was left hanging.

Desperados was a pretty bangin’ game back in the distant past of 2001. It was demanding, it was stylish, it had great atmosphere and one could argue that it’s one of the coolest Western games out there. It had a sequel or two, but both were quickly and mercyfully forgotten by the audience, so let’s not dwell on the not-as-distant past, not on this, the day of the Desperados 3 announcement.

Developed by the good folks at Mimimi Games who have brought us Shadow Tactics not too long ago, the new Desperados seems to get it, judging by the trailer. It certainly captures the “Ok, that didn’t go well, let’s reload, rethink and retry” I remember from the original game, and the characters are appropriately casual in their dealings.

Truth be told, this trailer brought a smile to my face and I eagerly await the release day now. And in the meantime maybe I’ll take a look at Shadow Tactics, see what Mimimi Games can do.

Desperados 3, now teasingly called Despacito 3 by some people, is set for release sometime in 2019 on PC, XO, and PS4. Good enough for me!