Yes, you’ve read that right, in a crossover bonanza the likes of which we haven’t seen since Kingdom Hearts, Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, has taken to work with Canadian wrestler Kenny Omega to produce a promo for his upcoming fight with Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Dubbed as Kenny’s Quest, the promo was originally supposed to release live during the event, but due to circumstances outside of control of both parties, it unfortunately won’t be. I would say that it’s perhaps a bit too long for a promo, but then again it’s wrestling, everything therein is dragged out and steeped in copious amounts of narrative, which makes Toby Fox perfect for this sort of a gig.

If you follow the world of wrestling, the plot is clear, Kenny muses himself to be the hero and has a dream of transforming the world of wrestling, but the dastardly schemers at NJPW won’t let him. It’s a sad, sad story, but through the power of friendship, Kenny can overcome anything, including Tanahashi’s conviction. It’s pure, and it’s honest and it’s very, very emotional.

It’s not entirely clear how this work of art came to be (and if you disagree about the status of the promo as a work of art you’re free to leave, you Tanahashi fanboy), but we know that Kenny is a big fan of Undertale (the Switch port of it was his number 1 game of the year in 2018), but how Toby and Kenny got together to create this masterpiece, is unclear. Which is to say, one of the two probably wrote to the other and got things rolling. Both Toby and Kenny strike me as people who would just do that on a whim.

While no new score was composed for the promo, instead opting for a remix of Asgore’s theme, there’s plenty of art by Temmy Chang, who got on the action along with Everdread (aptly named person working with Toby to create the final fight with Flowey), so the whole crew is here.

Curiously, with Deltarune’s highly disputable continuity, this is probably canon to the story of Undertale. And a small piece of me feels that if they were able to crank this out, they’re probably already working together to give us more Undertale/Deltarune. Which will be a great surprise and we can all get hyped up and fall in love with Toby’s weird mind-baby all over again.