He’s slowly becoming the Highlander of technology, just walking through history and leaving a mark everywhere he goes.

The event was, as it is every single year, and incredibly dry affair. But something needs to be said about the names Apple decided to give their new phones. We have things like Iphone X [s] and Iphone X [s] Max, which while it’s ostensibly supposed to be spelled “Iphone Ten S”, the logical way to read it would be “Iphone Excess”, which is just all sorts of appropriate.

Something should also be said about the similarity in the naming scheme to Japanese game titles. As one Tweet states—Iphone is now turning into Kingdom Hearts. Though a more appropriate analogy is probably the Guilty Gear series. Eagerly awaiting for next years’s Iphone Xrd The Revelator.

But then our champion Todd appeared! He just walks into these events doesn’t he? I don’t think any of this is planned, he just walks in and they let him, because come on, it’s Todd, he’s adorable. His presentation of TES Blades was brief, as you can see, but when he says he took full advantage of every single pixel I buy that.

Why you hate on spider though, Todd? Spiders can be cute.

But yeah, good stuff, Blades actually is looking quite interesting. It seems to just work, if nothing else.