While the world of Warhammer is ostensibly regarded as an overly dark setting, with constant threats of doom and whatnot, we sometimes forget that it can be a very, very silly setting. Creative Assembly remembers. With the upcoming DLC, The Prophet and The Warlock, they decided to have some fun and reenact the classic scene from the 80s’ movie Predator, where the Amazonian rainforest gets the taste of American payback.

I love the smell of Warpstone in the morning. It smells like… victory. And chared reptiles. I don’t know if it beats the sheer cheesiness of the Vampire Coast, but it’s up there.

The Slann ain’t got time to bleed.

The trailer is not just for show. The DLC will introduce a host of new mechanics and units for the Lizardmen and the Skaven. The cute-but-deranged Skaven will be able to create bases of operation beneath the ground for greater mobility and the Lizardmen can go on a holy quest to receive divine help in the form of a living god joining their ranks.

Additionally, new units will be added, including the titular Prophet Tehanauin and Warlock Kitik and the massive Doomrocket, designed by Clan Skryre of the Skaven faction. Canonically, the rocket was used to quite literally ‘nuke the moon’ (because the Skaven don’t do half-measures), so I’m more than excited to use it in battle.

The DLC will go live on April 17th and is available for pre-purchase already.