If you haven’t got enough of your Total War, then here’s something for you.

Creative Assembly has come out with a trailer detailing a new playable race for its flagship strategy series. The barbaric Norscans are set to arrive on August 10th and will be a free download for those who decided to pre-purchase Total War: Warhammer 2 (otherwise it’s 8,99 Euro with a ten percent discount).

As Steam is happy to point out:

A Norscan campaign is one of relentless pillage and ruination. Their principle sources of income are raiding and sacking. This lends itself to a very mobile and combative playstyle – always keeping your armies on the move and often in contention with other factions. Razing settlements enables you to erect monoliths to the dark gods of Norsca… and the gods always reward the faithful!

There are a couple of new mechanics as well and razing sounds well… fun. You get a post battle option of eradicating the world of the city defeated and erecting a monument to your chosen Dark God. That neatly ties into new victory conditions which involve pledging allegiance to one of the gods and snubbing the other. A thing they don’t take lightly and one that leads to a satisfying end-game section.