And with a meme from 2006 no less. I mean that’s ok, it’s been dead for a while, I think it deserves a place back in the spotlight for a moment. Don’t take it from me though, observe:

We knew that new Assassin’s Creed would make an appearance during E3 for a while now, thanks to the Wallmart Leaks. It was also, you know, a very safe assumption.

Moreover the rumors that the next AC game would be taking place in Greece have been brewing for a while now as well, of course none of them substantiated. And that’s pretty much all we know at this point: that AC Odyssey takes place in Greece and we’re gonna find out more at E3.

How this factors into the established timeline of the series is unclear for now. Origins has taken a major detour into Classical Age Egypt (sort of breaking the premise of AC 1 but nobody remembers that game at this point right?). Now I genuinely hope this is an Odyssey in the same sense Mario was, memes aside. Which is to say there’s actually an involving hero’s journey here. But I remember Far Cry 5.

Anyway, it’s hard to take this news with any other reaction than “neat” and move on. We all know what the true endgame here is. #NewSplinterCell.