And they certainly did not waste any time. After the short but concise Square Enix it’s time to get right into Ubi.

They started off very, very strong with a new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 showing the support cast of characters– a charmingly diverse gathering of rascals and thieves. Despite the fact that we’ve just been introduced to them they managed to characterize them so well I genuinely felt the tension when their ship got damaged. And, big news- Jade, the protagonist of Beyond Good and Evil 1 is actually in the game! She seems to be an antagonist of sorts though, but it’s likely she’s an antihero. And while I’m not one to often say this: she looks super hot and badass.

What followed was a short gameplay trailer showing how the players will be able to seamlessly travel in 360 degrees and engage with the world on any level they want, it looks genuinely impressive, I have to say. Ubisoft also presented an open invitation to the Space Monkey Program (absolutely amazing name, points for that Ubi)- essentially a way for gamers everywhere to lend their art to BGE 2. A nice endeavor to be sure, but I hope artists get paid for their contribution. That’s only fair isn’t it?

We then moved on to Rainbow Six Siege to talk about the Operation Para Bellum and what we can expect in the future and announced a Rainbow Six Siege documentary in the making, which… Cool I guess?

Which was quickly eclipsed by Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director behind Trials Rising, riding onto the stage on a motorcycle like a pro-wrestler and staging a terribly faked accident. I mean… Maybe a bit overabundance of style over substance there, but it was pretty funny. He then showed off what he got in a brutally awesome trailer for the game. I will share it here because while not my thing, it looks fun.

The conference moved on to the trailer for The Division 2 looking positively apocalyptic. The Creative Director behind the game then went on to explain the core mechanics of the game with signature weapon-based progression system and introducing MMO-style raids with 8-player coop and unveiled the development roadmap for year 1 of The Division 2.

From there we moved to something exceptionally more chill- a concert in celebration of the release of Donkey Kong adventure. Thank you Ubi, some positivity was exactly what I needed that after the heavy and gruesome trailer for the Division 2.

Then we well presented with the new trailer to Skull & Bones. Do not let anyone tell you that pirates are last year, I’m getting positively hyped for this. The Creative Director at large for the game explained shortly the mechanics of the hub world, ship-building and upgrading and the basic gameplay loop. I am positively excited.

Then we saw a short presentation and a trailer for Transference, brought to us by Mr Frodo Bagins Elijah Wood himself. A game very similar in vein to the modern adventure games from Quantic Dreams like the recent Detroit: Become Human. It looks to be a little bit a horror title, which I definitely like. Don’t take it from me, take it from the hobbit:

Folks, that’s all for Part 1, but fret not, there’s more to come, follow me for the latter half of the Ubisoft conference in the next post.