And we’re back. Gosh, there is a lot to go through isn’t there? Don’t worry, when necessary I will portion these out to make sure this doesn’t become cumbersome. And now let’s return to Ubisoft.

Next up, we’ve seen Starlink Battle for Atlas, a project that seems to have incredible scope with modularily built space ships, kind of like Amibos that you assemble, that transfer into the video game. I mean as the video game world is old, this idea has been tried and it always failed. The game also seems… Exceptionally similar to No Man’s Sky. All I’m saying is- remain cautious, this may not be a resounding success in the end.

Buuut it apparently has Starfox’s endorsement. Is that enough to carry it? Conventional wisdom tells us that it shouldn’t rely on a series of gimmicks. I will let you guys decide.

Moving on to For Honor, Ubisoft showcased their vision for a quite literal expansion of the game with Marching Fire, introducing the Chinese warriors to the world of For Honor. They also showed the Breach mode all about besieging castles. Best part is that the starter edition of For Honor is going to launch free-to-play, so even if the game did not captivate you, you have little excuse to try.

We then heard more on the Crew 2, starting with the announcement of the open beta becoming available in just about a week (June 21st). We’ve seen a bit more of the game, notably the extent of the mechanics allowing players to switch between different vehicles seamlessly during a race.

After which, finally, having waited long and hard we got the reveal trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. We’ve learned some interesting things about the game, notably the expansion to the RPG element, with dialogue options and branching storypath. Now that is certainly something. I have long since lost the plot of the global conspiracy that was the point of these games (I think?) but hey, let’s not let our past define us right? Have a trailer:

And yes, that’s it. That was a wrap. Which leads to me my final though: Ubisoft, where is my new Splinter Cell? You guys had ONE job! Come on, Devil may Cry 5 turns out to be true, but not new Splinter Cell? I am disappointed Ubi, very disappointed.

Seriously though, it was a good conference, probably on par with the Microsoft’s one, although lack of Splinter Cell does mire it somewhat. That’s for now, see you all at Sony. Kojima-san, I am ready, gimme that Death Stranding goodness.