Vampires come to Plague Inc: Evolved

In a slightly unexpected twist, instead of an impersonal virus, a new update for Plague Inc: Evolved lets us control a vampire trying to take over the world.
Update launch notes list some of the features:

  • Consume humanity – Feed carefully to grow in power and transform into a monstrous bat to strategically set up lairs and shadow portals
  • Emerge from the Shadows – Create slaves to worship your vampire and use Blood Rage to defeat the Templar who hunt your vampire as well as the WHO who seek to eradicate your pathogen
  • Cover the world in darkness – Master unique gameplay mechanics and strategies to help your vampire rule the world!

Either way, it is probably the first game that allows you to simulate the spread of vampirism like this. The Elder Scrolls franchise does, in fact, treat vampirism as a disease, but doesn’t do much to simulate how the infection would eventually spread or die out. If it always bothered you, try Plague Inc.

To make things even more entertaining, developers included some BREXIT scenarios to the game, probably to counter the memetic in some circles Madagascar from a Flash game Pandemic.

Plague Inc is a mobile, PC, and console game allowing the players to control disease from Patient Zero to global infection. It is a more advanced execution of an idea started by Flash games Pandemic and Pandemic 2.