A Gothic horror action RPG developed by Dontond Entertainment is very nearly here and in anticipation, Sony released a new trailer. Feast your eyes my audience:

Doesn’t say much more than what we already know, but I do like the emphasis on choice here. We know that Vampyr will feature a diverging story-line where you can choose who to hunt or even if you hunt at all, decisions that will lead to different game endings, similar to how Dishonored handled itself (but hopefully better than Dishonored 2 handled itself).

By all accounts I hope Vampyr joins the gallery of absolutely amazing PS4 games. It’s been an absolutely fantastic year for the console– Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dad of War and now Vampyr joins the family. Hopefully it can live up to the hype as the bar is admittedly very high right now.

Vampyr will be out tomorrow, June the 5th, and I will be here to do a final follow-up. Please god let this work, I really want Vampires to be fun again.