Now it may sound weird, because you’d think there already was a story mode for Vampyr—it’s called Vampyr on low difficulty.

But apparently there’s enough demand for an even more laid-back and story-driven experience as the developers will be releasing the aforementioned  story mode later in the summer. According to Focus Home it “de-emphasizes combat” and places greater importance on the narrative, which while nice I can’t help but feel will only make achieving the “good ending” even easier, which I kind of think is a shame because it’s somewhat lukewarm and it is a go-to ending for a new player.

On the other hand though, there’s also going to be a new, “hard” difficulty setting which will make combat much more demanding and lower xp rewards nudging you slightly towards relying more on consuming citizens for xp which leads to the “bad ending”. I’m using quotations because the good ending is actually bland and uninteresting while the bad ending at least has something of a punch to itself.

Currently no information on when these new modes get implemented beyond the nebulous “this summer”, but it’s something to keep in mind. If you didn’t pick up Vampyr yet I still recommend it, it’s not a perfect game, but one thing it does very well is atmosphere.