Dontod, the French developers of Remember Me and Life is Strange, want to empower and frighten us with the latest trailer for the Vampyr.

In Vampyr, we will take on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a veteran from the Great War and a surgeon, turned vampire, who returns to his home city of London just to discover that is has been dominated by the crippling influence of the Ascalon Club, a secret society of superwealthy and ultrastealthy blood-suckers.

In order to survive the dirty streets of London, Reid, MD, will have to feast on the innocent and not-so-innocent civilians. The role of the people won’t be reduced to that of blood-bags, however, as civilians will be interconnected with the life of the city and killing them will bring unexpected consequences. We expect the Spanish Inquisition, though surely nobody expects them.

The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in November.