While developed by an additional team, it looks like the most promising version.

In a surprising turn of events it was revealed that Bungie isn’t responsible for the PC version of Destiny 2. Or, at least, the main development isn’t done there and instead it’s held by the team of Vicarious Visions.

If you check the list of their productions you’ll learn  it’s a lengthy one, including a lot of titles for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, but also many ports. Bungie’s PC lead David Shaw revealed to PC Gamer that it’s a unique partnership and results not in outsourcing but in expanding the team ob Bungie.

The final result might be surprising as the people who played the game on the recent event already noticed how good Destiny 2 plays on PC. It was confirmed that the PC version will work in 4k and 60 FPS (or above, up to 144 FPS, if your rig can handle it).