Lost a save or want to change a small detail of your story?

There’s a blog post from Telltale’s Kevin Bruner who announced some details about save file transfer into The Walking Dead: A New Frontier gameplay. Newcomers will be able to start a new story. “This is for people who haven’t played The Walking Dead before, or don’t recall their previous experience. In this mode, Season Three starts with a Clementine who has lost everyone from the previous Seasons and is left alone with AJ.,” developer describes.

The second option allows you to load your save from Season 2. If you have changed your platform, simply log into Telltale Account. The developer has updated the previous season with Telltale Cloud Saves. You have to download the game again and activate the option to transfer your decisions to Season 3.

The last option is the most interesting one. It’s a Story Generator (similar to Mass Effect’s Genesis comic). “Inside of Season Three, there is a “story generator” option where we’ll ask you a series of questions that help us hone in on your Clementine. This will select one of 42 different “starting points”, that include not just your ending but also the relationships you had with different characters and the style of player you are.”

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is set to release on December 20th on PC, PS4, PS3, XO, X360 and other platforms.