War, what is it good for? Some say (with a suitably exaggerated tone): absolutely nothing. The smart folks at Bluehole disagree. They’ve decided to roll out a new, limited-time mode, named quite succinctly: war.

The tagline “Drop. Kill. Respawn” pretty much says it all. Players fighting in War mode (I am actually impressed, I genuinely like the simplicity of the name) are going to be immediately dropped in a very small area, already equipped with somewhat randomized gear, and right into the thick of it to duke it out with the other two teams. And yup, they respawn. Which should make the game look more like good old Killzone, but with apropriately PUBG (PUBGey? PUBGy? I give up) twist. People gain points for kills (and to a lesser extent for incapacitating opponents and reviving team-mates, but mostly kills) and the first team to reach 200 wins.

The event will be available through the weekend for all of you brave soldiers of fortune. It’s messy, it’s chaotic,  it’s war. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s good for my entertainment.