Somebody called for exterminators?

Do you remember the first Vermintide? Good. We’re getting more. The sequel, slated for a March 8 release, moves forward from the point where the first game left off in a recent event, bringing in more enemies, more rats, and more choices to make about your characters. It also brings a new gameplay trailer, so take a looks, it’s dark, it’s bloody, it’s pretty much what could be expected from a game set in the End Times of an already rather brutal (if occasionally ridiculous) setting.

Vermintide 2 in addition to more enemies and more reason to hack, slash, and shoot, bring character specialisations and better loot handling, so you can get your chosen fighter in a tip-top shape a little bit faster. Allegedly. We’ll see how it goes when the game’s out. Making Bardin into a memeber of the vicious dwarven slayer cult sounds like a ton of fun.