The rats strike back.

Today’s the day when the [redacted] strike back at the faithful and  Sigmar-fearing Imperial cities and villages. A singular cell of adventurers, soldiers, and outcasts decided to fight back against the tide of [redacted] in multiple key locations. In their operations they noticed that [redacted] have gathered support from the Chaos forces and their offensive has doubled in ferocity.

We kindly request assistance against the Vermintide, and Sigmar’s strength be with us.

So yeah, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is upon us, and from various reports it seems that it’s a bloody vicious game, just as likely to test your patience as it is to provide twenty minutes of relentless action. Pick your class from the familiar four: the Imperial Soldier, the Dwarf Ranger, the Human Bright Wizard, the elven Waywatcher, and the Human Witch Hunter and take a stand against the Skaven and Chaos. Now complete with prestige classes, like a Slayer or Ironbreaker for the Dwarf.