Hitman 2

And they provided us with a trailer no less, narrated by the legendary actor who dies in every movie he stars- Sean Bean. Observe:

We now know that, unlike the first game, this one isn’t actually going to be episodic– the full game releases on October the 13th. But naturally, we can expect post-launch content, including small pieces like skins and bigger like DLCs. And yes, the game will include a multiplayer component.

In a trailer for the “Sniper Assassin Mode” released alongside the launch-trailer, which you can watch here, we are shown what looks to be an interesting cooperative game-mode focusing on sniper assassinations. Which I dig, finding a vintage point and sniping the target has always been my preferable way of playing Hitman.

But the game definitely retains its roots in what makes Hitman great- the Sean Bean trailer showcases the different ways you can approach any contract– from straight-forward confrontation to a terrible accident- which the series is known for.

Now as long as the game doesn’t trip over another loot box fiasco we’re going to be just fine. But this is Warner Bros, so you know, caution is advised Agent.