One week delay occurs on PS4 and XO/PC release is expected in January.

The delay for T-Bone Content Bundle DLC for Watch Dogs 2 isn’t a big one. It was originally expected to release tomorrow, December 13, but instead the PlayStation 4 players will receive it on December 20.

The deal between Ubisoft and Sony means that there’s a 30-day exclusivity for this content on PS4. It was now announced that the PC and Xbox One players will receive the DLC on January 24. Here’s the official description for the T-Bone Content Bundle:

The first round of Watch Dogs 2 DLC, the T-Bone Content Bundle, will now be available on PS4 on December 22 (December 26 in Japan), followed by Xbox One and PC on January 24. This content revolves around Raymond Kenney, AKA T-Bone, and includes his attire, as well as his modified school bus, complete with bulldozer blade for creating extra chaos. The Bundle also offers a new Mayhem co-op challenge, with a tough new enemy archetype – the Grenadier – that uses advanced weaponry and tactics.

Meanwhile, a four week long The T-Bone Chaos Event starts on December 19. It will grant additional rewards through the Ubisoft Club.