IGN first revealed a new cut-scene from Darksiders 3, the upcoming action RPG from THQ Nordic, which you probably know of, because me and my colleague cannot stop caring about it.

The trailer delves into the motivation of our intrepid protagonist Fury and her apparent desire to “run the Horsemen show” as it were. It’s immediately obvious though that her blind trust in the Council is going to be subverted and the Hollow King seems to serve a similar role to Crowfather in Darksiders 2—a mentor who will open her eyes to the bigger picture.

It’s also interesting to see Angels and Demons giving up on their eternal fight due to sheer fatigue and just wanting to die in peace. This makes them more nuanced as battling forces than simple pawns. Also of note, Fury’s Watcher seems genuinely cute and friendly and the dynamics between these two characters is a really nice change of pace from the 1st game.

While that is well and good, it’s not all perfect. While the design of the Hollow King is pretty good, the design of Abraxas seems to go a bit too much towards your typical handsome anime-esque devil. And the design of the levels itself seems a bit… Barren.

But, and I have to stress this, the mere fact that we’re getting this game is a miracle. I will still play it even if it’s worse than Darksiders 1 or 2 and I hope it does well because THQ Nordic really needs to get back on their feet. They owe us two more games in the series after this one after all.