Stop. Hammer time.

Fury wielding a huge hammer and smacking around skeletons and giant bugs was absolutely what I needed today. And the whole thing definitely looks like a solid improvement over the choppy animation we’d seen in the previous trailers.

Shown above is only one of Fury’s multiple forms called “Hollows”, granted by the Hollow King, whom you’ve already seen in one of the previous trailers. These Hollows allow her to use new abilities in combat and solve environmental puzzles. You can think of them as a combination of secondary weapons and tools (like Death’s ability to create a Doppelganger of himself).

The one shown in the trailer is the Force Hollow, which allows Fury to control the kinetic energy to levitate stuff and blast foes with waves of energy. It apparently also comes with a hammer.

We’ve also already seen her Flame Hollow ability previously, which turns her hair blazing orange and allows her to burn through certain obstacles. There’s supposed to be 4 Hollows in total, so feel free to go on Reddit and discuss what other new abilities and colors she’ll be able to sport.

These Hollows are a separate thing from Fury’s Chaos form, which has not yet been revealed. All in all exciting stuff! Darksiders 3 comes out on November 27th and I for one cannot wait.