The little Orwelian nightmare of a game has grown considerably since its Early Access days. Watch Waellington Wells in its full glory:

Similar to Don’t Starve, We Happy Few will feature 3 playable characters: Arthur, an “entirely unremarkable chap” trying to escape the nightmarish city, Sally Boyle, a young chemist and a daughter of an important political figure and Ollie, a grizzled Scottish veteran having the mother of all bad days.

Each of this characters will play differently in addition to having a separate storyline with Sally focusing on stealth and being able to craft crazier toys, Arthur employing a mix of stealth and force and Ollie being entirely fed up with all this and just going on a warpath. I know which one I’ll be taking for a spin first.

Crafting has been expanded upon, character progression has been added, the story extended with side quests and events. It now has this strong Bioshock vibe and what looks like a tight, character-driven storyline. It seems very lovely in Wellington Wells this time of the year, perhaps you might want to visit?