The Age of Triumph event will impact the way you plan your weekly playthroughs.

Destiny’s players are familiar with weekly activities that await them. With the Age of Triumph event announced and coming in less than two weeks, everyone should prepare for some changes. It’s my pleasure to inform you that The Speaker will finally speak for the first time since the game’s original release and will have a new quest for you.

The quest will lead you through all weekly activities. It will start with story missions, but you will be tasked with finishing Patrols, Strikes, PvP matches etc. When done, you will be awarded with more Legendary Marks and Treasure of Ages loot boxes that contain items from various events (just to fill your collection).

There will be some changes in weekly Nightfall Strikes, so that the will be more accessible for less hardcore players (myself included). If you are interested in what else is coming to Destiny, there’s one more, final stream scheduled for March 22nd at 10AM PT.