E3 is chugging along nicely and new amazing footage for the biggest hits is coming in every day. Expect a whole lot of news in the coming days, but for now, let’s talk Hitman.

The trailer doesn’t show too much, but it does give interesting pointers. First of all the jump-shot cutting through scenes is great at conveying just how huge and diverse the world of Hitman 2 is. Huge crowds of people that put GTA 5 to shame, bright and saturated city putting a stark contrast to the grim murders you’ll be conducting, all of it looks fantastic.

True to the formula of Hitman we can see Agent 47 dress up in various costumes allowing him enter places unnoticed and you can use the environment to accomplish your mission, but we’re apparently still ramping up the variety in that. I indeed am curious to see how the race mission plays in totality.

Interestingly, a new thing seems to be using all sorts ofimprovised weaponry (although not super new, Hitman 4 had a similar system). It does make Agent 47 seem suitably impressive- a killing machine that turns every mundane object into a deadly weapon.

Pretty cool stuff. Hitman 2 will arrive on November the 13th and I’m personally rather hyped.