At E3 this year we only saw a very short teaser for Doom Eternal, the sequel to the amazingly successful reboot of the oldschool shooter, but according to the developers, we’re getting more soon.

Doom was a breath of fresh air on the FPS scene, which is funny considering it by and large fell on old solutions to solved problems, but it seems as though with the shooter scene being a barren wasteland littered with dead CoD clones, Doom was exactly what people wanted. We didn’t see much at E3 and while we’re gonna be getting more next week, we all probably know exactly what we want.

Although I definitely want to see more of the Doom Guy, one thing the reboot certainly did right was injecting some honest-to-god personality and character to the Doom Guy with his complete lack of patience for menial tasks, absolutely carefree attitude and how just absolutely terrifying this man  is to the demon hordes attacking Earth.

And looking by the early teaser, we might be going to the Blue Marble itself this time, to take the fight directly to the demonic bastards. Ultimately it’s Doom, you know exactly what to expect.