The winner of 2017 Bafta Awards will join Subnautica as a game meant to entice new users to use the budding store by Epic Games.

What remains of Edith Finch is a fun little interactive story-type game where the titular Edith Finch is visiting her old, abandoned family manor to learn about her past and the mysterious curse causing every Finch to die prematurely. While it’s derided by some as a walking simulator, it has some impressive visuals and an engaging story. And it did win several accolades, including the aforementioned 2017 Bafta Award.

And for a limited time, starting on January 10th, the game is going to be available free on Epic’s game store. In this manner it joins Subnautica as things that hopefully get you on-board. And I gotta say, it’s working, at least on me (I don’t yet have the data to be able to tell whether Epic’s store is a success or not). Using a paid streaming service model whereby you get games for free, for a free online store is really hard to pass up on.

With Edith Finch Epic is pushing hard to make this model an industry standard, it’s exactly the kind of high-profile game the platform needs to raise awareness. While I want to help them out a bit in this lofty goal, if this thing really gets rolling, I won’t be writing about every single new free game coming out on Epic’s store. For now this is still a novelty and I can’t say whether this will end up being a hit or not, but Epic is nothing if not tenacious.