The fast-paced Hack & Slash game from the Australian developer Uppercut Games has finally been fully released on Steam, PS4 and XboxOne after a year of Early Access.

Even back in Early Access the game was very promising, featuring a blend of flowing combat, environmental traps and hoards of treasure to be looted. A notable thing about City of Brass is that it is staggeringly fast-paced- the player needs to move though the proceduraly-generated maze of rooms constantly as the timer is always ticking down.

You’d think that this would turn each run into a hectic nightmare, but the movement is so flowing and intuitive that the player is virtually never confused by the rapid pace. And this is good because your greatest weapon in City of Brass is your cunning- traps can be turned against the horde of enemies, movement can be utilized creatively  and everything comes down to how quick your wit is.

The maze being generated proceduraly in a Roguelike fashion means that you don’t get to try again- you gotta think quickly and act seamlessly. If anything this game really trains your reflexes well.

It’s a delightful roller-coaster ride where you’re actually steering the ride. By all means, try this one out for a spin.