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And just like that we’re getting a new chapter in the adventures of the New Kid.

The town of South Park got snowed in and while adult townsfolk believe it’s a sign of an impending doom, for kids it means one thing: WAR!

Things are all out of control and various factions battle for dominance over the town, so this is where Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and you – the aforementioned New Kid – step in. Your task is simple: save the day!

Gameplay-wise, don’t expect another RPG. What we’re getting this time is an action-adventure game with co-op and roguelike elements. You can team up with up to three human players and bots, gear up using tons of available (and upgradeable) melee and ranged weapons, try out various special abilities, and take out regular enemies and bosses using your arsenal! The character of the New Kid can be freely customized using various cosmetic items.

While South Park: Snow Day! is a departure from The Stick of Truth and its sequel, you can still expect a fun game to play with your friends, ripe with the toilet humor the series is famous for. Get ready for March 26, 2024!