Do you need some extra cash to really dig into Winter sales this year—get all the Deluxe Editions, and spend the change on some promising indie games? Do you want an easy way out of figuring out a good Christmas gift for your buddies? G2A has your back.

g2a winter sale 5k giveaway

This giveaway offers you and four of your friends a chance to win 5 gift cards worth 1 000 Euro (that’s one thousand. No, really) to be split among you. All you need to do is make a picture, a video, or anything else you come up with to prove that it’s you, of all people, who should get the reward.

When you get the creative part done, all that’s left to do is post it publicly on your social media profile, tag 4 of your friends, and add the #G2Agib5000 hashtag so that G2A has a way to find you. You should also follow G2A’s Social Media channels to stay up to date (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch).

The giveaway will last between December 18th 2018 and January 2nd 2019, so you have a little bit of time to get together, figure out how you’re going to make a convincing enough appeal, and post it for everyone to see.

To reiterate the rules:

  1. Create a post explaining in some imaginative way why it’s you and your friends who should get the reward.
  2. Tag 4 of your friends.
  3. Add the #G2Agib5000 hashtag
  4. Publish it on your social media profile as Public and follow G2A’s media channels.

You can read the full Terms and Conditions HERE.

IMPORTANT: the amount of money offered in this giveaway may fall under taxation laws in your country of residence. If this is the case the obligation to declare the income and pay a proper tax will fall to the winners. Be aware of this when you choose to participate.

Good luck to you and your friends.