Here is some interesting information gathered via Steam Hardware & Software Survey.

Occasionally Steam asks its users to share a bit of info about their system and hardware. Month to month, the changes aren’t that big, but the December edition of Steam Hardware & Software Survey has some interesting info: Windows 10 is the king.

To be specific Windows 10 64 bit is used by 49.1% of Steam users. It has raised by +0.73% since the previous month. Adding a small group of 32 bit users, it means that the newest Microsoft’s system is now used by a half of Steam users. A free upgrade (not very sophisticated in the freedom of choice) surely helped.

The other interesting info is that 33.51% of users has 8 GB of RAM (with 21.51% using 12 GB or higher and 20.05% using 4 GB). The most popular graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 used by 4.64% gamers. You’ll find a full report on Steam.