If you aren’t aware yet, the Winter Olympics have begun, pitting top athletes from all over the world against each other in a bloody battle to see who remains standing at the end.

Wait, no, that’s the idea behind PUBG. Winter Olympics are all about fair play, sportsmanship, and performing feats of strength and dexterity most of us can only dream about. So, to compensate, G2A.COM brings the kind of event that resonates harder with us gamers.

During the Winter Olympic games, G2A is organizing its own tournament, testing the skills and wits in three games: Call of Duty: WWII, The Witcher 3, and FIFA 18. Two teams, Orange G and Blue A will compete to complete a challenge designed specifically for each title.

Better still: there will be giftcard giveaways for people watching each of the three streams: 20 EUR for the first, 50 EUR for the second, and a whopping 70 EUR for the last one.

Where: G2A.COM FB page is a good place to keep your eyes on. Watch G2A Instagram to see the participants’ workout routines, too.

When: February 12th for the first stream, February 19th for the second, and February 26th for the last.

And if you think you can do better, grab the games and the Winter Olympics Epic Sale, and prove your mettle.

Go ahead.