Class Ranks are expanded and Ribbons are making a return.

Battlefield 1 gets its Winter Update today and there are some interesting details on what will be improved. The first thing are Ribbons – a total of 20 will be available and they are introduced to “promote good teamplay and playing the objective.” Every time you get one, additional 300 XP is rewarded and you make some life coach very happy. EA DICE is listening to feedback on what additional Ribbons could be added.

The new maximum Class Rank will now be 50. For every ten ranks you’ll receive a Battlepack and additional Dog Tags will be rewarded during progress. After reaching the last level, a Class flair for the kill card will be awarded. After 500 kills with a specific weapon you will unlock an Elite Codex (that applies to eight of the available primary weapons).

A lot of fixes and improvements to vehicles, UI, weapons, spectator mode and other elements are also implemented. You can read about all the changes in the official patch notes.