There will be a lot of uncharted territory in the Andromeda galaxy.

Mac Walters, the creative director behind Mass Effect Andromeda, is a great project lead, open to fans and their questions. Because of that we are now sure that only a small part of Andromeda galaxy will be visited during our next space adventure:

If you’ve played original Mass Effect trilogy, you surely know that the space travel was much quicker thanks to Mass Relays. But in Andromeda there are none of them and because of that you’ll be able to explore only various local clusters with further exploration being hell of a trip.

It’s a great idea not only physics-wise (time needed to travel), but also gameplay-wise. It opens a lot of interesting possibilities not only for DLC and expansions, but also for the optional sequel, which may expand Ryder’s history or move with humanity’s story in a similar way to Dragon Age series (each game with different main character, timeline shifts etc.).