Here it finally is! The event fans all around the world have waited for! The G2A World Cup Sale! Oh, and yeah, the worldwide sports event is beginning too, sure!

Jokes aside, to celebrate the world’s greatest soccer (or football, if you live outside of USA) event, G2A has launched a brand-new sale which would delight the jocks and geeks alike with its video game offerings, especially the sports-oriented ones!

You can see everything we have on offer by following this link:

…but don’t go just yet! First you should absolutely test your skill and luck with a little game we prepared for you! You can find it HERE and if you score well, you can get a juicy discount to use on your cart. Don’t get us wrong: if you score poorly, you still get a discount, just a smaller one. Either way, you always win!

Have a fantastic World Cup season and may your favorite team play the best it possibly could!