World of Warcraft: Legion devs preview the next Dungeon

The Cathedral of Eternal Night is your next stop in the fight with the Legion.

Are you impatiently waiting for more content for the World of Warcraft: Legion? There’s a fresh preview of the upcoming Dungeon, the Cathedral of Eternal Night. It’s designed for 5-player teams and will work as a complementary area for the Broken Shore zone.



There are a few encounters and bosses introduced here, namely:

  • Agronox – has the ability to corrupt the area and summon Lasher minions that easily overwhelm the team when ignored;
  • Thrashbite the Scornful – “imprecise, sweeping attacks” is the best description of gameplay here. You need to use the surroundings to win this fight;
  • Domatrax – commenters agree that this should be a sexy succubus;
  • Mephistroth – when he reaches 100% energy, he is able to disappear and attack from the shadows. It is when Illidan needs additional protection.

For a more lore-detailed info, check the entry on