Those who seek savagely brutal challenges in Vanilla WoW have come up with another way to play it: if they die, they delete their character. There’s an add-on for that, too.

Blizzard apparently loved the idea, which is why they’re introducing official Hardcore mode servers.  These won’t be conversions of the existing servers, they’ll be completely new ones. And yeah, if you die, you lose your character forever, period. You will only be able to log in as a ghost in order to message your friends or transfer the leadership of the guild to someone else.

As far as any new mechanics are concerned, there’s one new feature: the Mak’gora duels. They’re a literal fight to the death, if you perish, you’re done for, no resurrections this time. The fact that you only have one life will certainly make things super interesting. Are you willing to take the risk? Are you ready for WoW Hardcore?

Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t want to modify the way people play the Hardcore mode, either, it’ll just be an official option without the players having to resort to any third-party add-ons and things like that.

The Hardcore mode servers for WoW Classic will become available this summer.