Hammond has been doing the rounds on test servers, wrecking plenty of havoc. He is now ready to be moved to the game proper.

While you gush over how how cute the little furry bastard is, don’t forget that he’s a maniacal murder machine. Make no mistake, the cold, mechanical voice? The mech has no AI, that’s all Hammond, the mech just translates his lines. His is not the face of mercy to be sure. But that kind of juxtaposition between cute and psychotic is what makes him work I guess. There’s a whole genre of anime based on this idea after all.

Coinciding with the release of Hammond, we’re getting slight changes to other heroes as well. Sombra can now maintain her stealth indefinitely (I don’t understand why they keep buffing a one hero team fight swinger, but ok) and McCree gets a very slight boost to damage over distance due to drop off being lowered. So now it’s high noon from here up to way over there.

Some new general tweaks to the mechanics of Quickplay matches with the time required to capture a point being reduced from 5 to 4 minutes, which should result in slightly faster matches, which makes sense, because that’s what they’re supposed to be.

Now let’s see if you can catch me as I soar the skies on the wings of angel furrball. Your mines do not impress one who literally has the power of Jesus.