Yakuza 6

Following the explosive success of Yakuza 0 just released on PC and with Sega having finally warmed up to the idea of releasing the series on PC, we might getting the next part of the series soon.

Yakuza 0 is out on PCs now and you can read my highly enthusiastic review of it here. Meanwhile the next game to grace the green landscapes of Microsoft Windows OP is Yakuza Kiwami. But it looks like we might be getting more, which makes sense and is consistent with Sega’s expressed stance on the matter.

Sega’s financial report for 2018 lists Song of Life for PC as one of their projects. It’s somewhat sketchy, as it’s listed as April 2018 release and well… It’s August. But that may point to a broader mix-up and Yakuza 6 being now in development for PC.

If you need a refresher, Yakuza 6 is a prequel and it follows from where Yakuza 0 left at. It’s not as crazy as Yakuza 0, but on the other hand features a larger and even more open city than Yakuza 0 and suffers no shortage of over-the-top action or hilarious comedic moments.