Last chance trial is scheduled for January 21st and January 22nd.

It’s a good sign when developers ask you to test their game before the final release. With Nioh you’ll receive another chance this weekend (January 21st/22nd) with a trial version. It’s similar to PlayStation Experience demo, but a bit expanded.

You can already download this last chance trial from the PlayStation Store. It will get activated in two days. What’s worth noting is that you’ll receive rewards in the full version of Nioh if you complete the trial – here’s an official description from the press release:

For those who have the skill to make it through the Last Chance Trial, a number of extra rewards for the final game await you. Beating the Main Mission will net you the Ogress Headgear, whereas completing the Twilight Mission will give you a last chance to secure the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong from last year’s Alpha and Beta.

To access the Ogress Headgear in the final game, you will need to keep your save data from the Last Chance Trial so don’t delete it until launch! For Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, you will be prompted to download DLC that you’ll also need to keep on your PS4 until launch. In-game, visit shrines to receive these “Boons” and reap the rewards!

Nioh is being developed by Team Ninja and is set to release on February 7th for PlayStation 4.