It is also confirmed that both HDR 10 i Dolby Vision will be supported on PC.

Except for weapon upgrades there was no true crafting in Mass Effect series. Andromeda is the first game to change that element as confirmed by Lead Designer, Ian S. Frazier:

When the story starts (or near the beginning) you’ll be able to use the omni-blade – a melee tool introduced in Mass Effect 3. But there’s a dedicated slot for melee weapons and you’ll have a chance to craft hammers, swords and other interesting arms.

Of course the possibilities don’t end with melee weapons and we’ll get a chance to craft other items. And name them for your convenience. The crafting system will differ from the one implemented in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but we’ll get details soon.

As you may know, Dolby Vision isn’t supported on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was confirmed by Aaryn Flynn that PC versions will support both formats: