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If you mourn the small presence of dwarves (or dwarfs, depending on your favourite setting) in video gaming, there is some hope left.

Despite being a lifelong fan of the bearded badasses, I managed to miss all mentions about Space Rock Galactic entirely until today. Horrible oversight, because the game looks pretty fun. And it even has a release date already!

If you can’t watch the vid right now: it’s seemingly a mix of mining for resources and fighting for dear life against things that don’t want you to mine for resources. It’s an endless struggle, that. One wonders if there’s a dormant Balrog somewhere down there.

The game has a fun, kind of rough, cartoonish visual style suggesting it’s not going to treat itself overly seriously, which is a good sign from a game about four dwarves going on a mining romp through some caverns.

The game launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 28th as an Early Access title.