No clickbaits here – creators of OpenIV tools are recreating GTA IV’s city in the latest game.

The developers of the OpenIV modding tool for Grand Theft Auto IV announced their latest project. And it’s quite a big one – a plan to add Liberty City to GTA V’s world. To be specific: it won’t change San Andreas into Liberty City, it will add the second city to the game map.

As for now, there’s a small teaser (embedded below) and a bit of info. The first, surely very initial release will happen ASAP, but without a strict date. The interesting thing is that due to copyrights it won’t work as a standalone mod. Instead you’ll be able to use your copy of GTA IV and convert its city to the DLC form ready to unpack in GTA V.

It will work as a single player experience (mods aren’t supported in GTA Online) and the tool is expected to work with Episodes from Liberty City as well. Here’s the mentioned teaser: