The new heroine will be available next week serving as a durable ranged attacker.

It’s surprising how Epic Games manages to deliver a new hero(ine) every three weeks. After some recent major updates, Paragon is now receiving yet another character named Zinx. Described as “durable ranged attacker”, she will be available starting July 18th.

Her main task is to deliver great damage over time, with various ranged attacks. Here’s the list of her skills, as well as video introduction for the character:

  • Bad Medicine – Zinx charges her gun and creates an AoE field of energy on the ground in front of her, can be discharged early to create a smaller field.
  • Kitty Claws – Toggle: Empowers her Pistol allowing it to apply a damage over time effect, which can be stacked.
  • Ricochet Stun – A Medium range projectile which bounces around nearby enemies, stunning them. The stun duration increases for each enemy hit.
  • Dirty Healing – Passive: Zinx gains bonus mana regen, based on a percentage of her missing mana. Toggle: While activated, she will immediately heal 50% of damage taken, costing mana instead.