In the abundance of ground-level combat and being a one-man army, Extinction comes to change the proportions of power in the slasher games. You aren’t the biggest fish in the pond anymore, but you certainly aren’t helpless, either.

Basic Extinction info

Extinction is a third-person action game developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Maximum Games. It is focused on fighting giant ogre-like monsters called Ravenii as a human, called Avil, one of the last people trained and equipped to deal with these invaders.

Extinction gameplay

To succeed in Extinction you will have to master multiple systems.

Extinction combat

The ogres you fight in Extinction are massive, 150 feet tall monstrosities you can’t just chop down without effort. You need to use your powerful sword to lop off their limbs to create a narrow window of opportunity to cut of their head, the only way to put them down for good. The problem is: legs and arms grow back shortly, so you can’t waste time or energy. To make things harder: the weak spots are covered in armour, so you’ll need to find a way to remove that first, before moving on to the final cut.

Extinction parkour

Avil is exceptionally agile, capable of running up the walls, jumping between rooftops, and using a whip to propel himself in other directions. You will need all of these abilities to climb the massive monsters – your primary enemies. They won’t just bow down to you letting you cut their heads of at your leisure, you’ll need to make your way up the 150-feet-tall ogre yourself.

New Extinction trailers

Extinction graphics

Iron galaxy’s game has a distinctive visual style, removed from the bleak and toned down colours. The world is vibrant, the enemies unique, and your protagonist is clad in vivid red clothes, with a sword emanating a golden glow. Although at first glance the visual style might look cartoonish, it’s detailed and purposeful.

Extinction PC release date

Extinction is set for release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with the release date set for April 10th 2018, a very good way to start your gaming Q2 with a bang and a fountain of blood.

Closing statements

Extinction is shaping up to be a proper competition to Attack on Titan 2 which releases later this year. With ogres replacing titans, and a detailed parkour allowing a more direct contact with the enemy than AoT’s vertical maneuvering equipment (gas-powered grappling hooks), Extinction takes fighting giant monsters in a direction not game has fully explored yet.