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Total War: Atilla PC

Total War: Attila

Witness the rise of the Huns and the rule of the infamous Attila the Hun. Whether you ride Europe as…

4 weeks ago
Medieval II TW Collection PC

Medieval II: Total War Collection

Enter the medieval battlefields with a sword, shield, and spear during the real-time battles between hundreds of units, and guide…

4 weeks ago
Rome TW Gold Edition PC

Rome: Total War Gold Edition

Throw your lot with roman generals and usher a new era of prosperity and dominance to the empire. Buy Rome:…

4 weeks ago
toukiden 2 game box cover art PC, PS4 , PS3

Toukiden 2

Rejoin the Slayers after the world died and start hunting the demonic Oni which control it now. Use the souls…

4 weeks ago
god eater 3 game box cover art PC , PS4

God Eater 3

Hunt the massive, monstrous Aragami with your powerful weapons called God Arcs. Consume the monsters’ energy to perform devastating special…

4 weeks ago
bloodborne game box cover art PS4


The Hunter came to the city of Yharnam searching for Paleblood. What follows is a nightmarish journey full of monsters…

4 weeks ago
deadpool game box cover art PC, PS4, XO, PS3 , X360


Deadpool wants to make a game about himself and he’s going to make it even if he has to blackmail…

4 weeks ago
marvel ultimate alliance game cover art PC, PS4, XO, PS3 , X360

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Doctor Doom makes another attempt to impose his rule on the world. Respond to the call for help issued by…

4 weeks ago
marvel vs capcom infinite game cover art PC, PS4 , XO

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The fight for the Infinity Stones rages on, drawing the worlds of Marvel and Capcom together, letting villains and heroes…

4 weeks ago
lego marvel super heroes game box cover art PC, PS4, XO, PS3 , X360

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Join the ranks of SHIELD or fly around the city with Iron Man. Take your pick from almost 200 characters…

4 weeks ago
Welcome to Summoners Rift. | Announcer, League of Legends
Announcer, League of Legends