Fortnite Battle Royale rolled out a new update recently, adding a new, exciting item to the game, the port-a-fort grenade, which can erect a large, multi-story structure instantaneously. The scientific ramifications of this marvel are not fully understood, but it’s not weirder than anything Fortnite has done before.

The catch here is that this beauty is exceedingly rare to acquire, preventing it from being a standard strategy for tactical structure building, plus they are consumable item, so you have to be careful when you use one. However, it is a great clutch item to use when in panic mode and can seriously turn the tide of a chaotic struggle. Until people learn to play around it, it will be sure to spawn some amazing game footage (Edit: I’m led to believe it already has).

Alongside the new item, the update introduced a time period for weapon-swapping and re-introduced a mayhem bonanza that is the 50vs50 mode. Personally I can’t wait to see several players chucking the port-a-fort at each other in the most entertaining throwback to 90s cartoons ever.